Pack light, live heavy

can’t believe how many days i’ve wasted wearing ugly stupid clothes


Happy earth day!!!!

R u kidding u saw a rainbow on earth day I’m outta here


i was talking to this super cute italian couple that had their baby n dog w them tonight at a restaurant (btw it was prob the best dinner of my life n the most food ive eaten since being here n cheap !) n then later that evening i hear this american say “omg wtf??” and i look over n the italian woman was breast feeding her child n like stfu that is like one of the most beautiful n pure n natural things in this world gtfo american girl (not to mention this mom was a totally babe… but still)

@ dad, mom, chase, tj, jeremy, julia, jane, shea, john, danny, jenny, kelly, sean, ford, jack, & emily: missing u rn see u soon